Health, real estate... The advantages of living by the sea

Living by the sea can improve your life, whether it is your health or your wallet. But do you know exactly what the long list of benefits is?
Every year, thousands of tourists head for the beaches of France, Italy or Spain. In France, a recent IPSOS survey for the CNDP* revealed that no less than 44% of French people would like to live by the sea, and 54% of those who have already settled there have no intention of leaving. The latter are well aware that the sea offers a host of advantages.

Among the most frequently cited benefits are improved mental and physical health, better sleep, improved quality of life... and real estate opportunities. Investing in seaside real estate is highly lucrative and promises excellent rental yields.



1. The health benefits of the sea

Living by the sea helps improve mental health.
The sound of water and sea spray have a soothing effect that reduces stress. Owning a charming waterfront apartment means you can enjoy this spectacle every morning, and fall asleep lulled by the lapping of the waves.

Rich in negative ions, sea air promotes the production of serotonin, which regulates mood and sleep, enhances breathing and boosts energy. No wonder, then, that a stroll along the coast or a day at the beach is both tiring and rejuvenating.

Being close to the sea also has physical benefits. If the sea is good for the head, it is also good for the heart.

Living in a seaside beachfront house or apartment means you can enjoy all the benefits of the sea air, as well as particularly pleasant sporting activities such as swimming, coastal sailing, surfing, diving...


2. Living by the sea reconnects you with nature

The seaside inspires and lets you breathe. Indeed, the air is less polluted in coastal areas than in large inland cities.
Choosing to live on the coast implies a love of the sea and a desire to protect it, respecting the coastal law or its equivalent depending on the country. It also means opting for environmentally-friendly construction and choosing eco-friendly new-build projects.
Alongside the flora, there is also a rich and diverse fauna that needs to be preserved. The seaside attracts many nature lovers who are keen to invest in more sustainable, eco-responsible housing.


3. The sea, the perfect place for real estate investment

An acquired property is an asset that increases in value year after year. Whether it is a house by the sea or in the countryside, becoming a homeowner is about saving for the future.

Buying a property near the sea offers a good return for a long-term rental investment. With the purchase of a seaside studio or apartment, an investor can achieve a 6% return. This rate will be lower for a more expensive house or property.

For an Airbnb-type seasonal rental in a tourist region like the French Riviera or Basque Coast, the rate of return can even reach 10%.

By purchasing an apartment or house in a tourism residence in France, the residence takes charge of the rental management, and the rental yield is around 4%, while recovering the 20% VAT. Purchasers also benefit from LMNP status for profits under €23,000.

Rental yields vary according to region or country. Spain, for example, is an attractive country for rental investments, with an average profitability of over 6%.

The sea as your only horizon, a temperate and mild climate, a pleasant lifestyle, magnificent landscapes, real estate opportunities... Choosing the sea is undoubtedly changing your life for the better.

*IPSOS CNDP: Survey on the French and the sea.