Moving house and car registration: what steps to take when moving abroad?

If you are planning to move outside of France, several steps are essential. Energy suppliers, car registration papers, insurance, here is a brief overview of the steps to take when moving abroad.
Are you moving abroad ? Remember to do your paperwork before you leave.

Change of address EDF and other service providers

You are leaving your home in France and have to settle outside the country ? It is therefore normal to inform the various partners in your daily life. Just as when you move to France, it is imperative to inform various organizations.

If you live in another country - even if it belongs to Europe - you will have to choose another energy supplier. If you are an EDF customer, before that, you will have to cancel your contract and indicate your change of address to EDF so that the company can send you your last bill.

Before cancelling your contract, please have your PDL - or delivery point - ready to make the process easier. This is indicated on your last bill or statement of account.  Then contact EDF by calling 09 69 32 15 15, or by sending your letter to EDF Customer Service TSA 20012, 41975 Blois Cedex 9. Cancellation takes effect immediately - or on the date you have indicated. The closing invoice will be sent to you within a maximum period of 4 weeks.

This article tells you more about the procedure for changing your EDF address.

Reporting your move to Engie

As with EDF, if you are an Engie customer, you must inform your gas suppliers of your wish to terminate your contract. For a move with Engie, you will have to carry out the procedure between 7 and 40 days before the cessation of gas supply. There are different ways to cancel your contract. You can send a letter - registered or not - to Engie Customer Service, TSA 42108, 76934 Rouen Cedex 09. A letter requesting cancellation by registered mail will provide you with proof of your request. This can be useful in the event of a problem.

You can also call an Engie advisor by dialling 09 69 324 324. Cancellation can also be done on the internet. Go to the supplier's website and fill in the online form. The cancellation will be followed within a maximum of 4 weeks by a closing invoice. That is why it is necessary to provide your new address in order to receive it after your Engie move.

Here again, the procedures are the same if you have taken out a contract with an alternative supplier.

Other steps to take before going abroad

You will have to take various other steps to go abroad in compliance with the law. Don't forget to report your change of residence to the tax authorities. They will also be able to tell you how to register with their counterparts where you are going to live. Don't forget to cancel your subscriptions - telephone, internet, insurance, press. You should also inform your social security.

Steps to take for your car

Your car insurance and vehicle registration document will only be valid for 3 months after your move - to a country belonging to the European Union. It is therefore important to react before this period.

You will also need to think about changing the registration of your vehicle - by moving abroad for the long term, the vehicle must adopt the specificities of the registration of the chosen country. You will then need to contact the local authorities to find out exactly what steps you need to take once you have settled abroad. You can also obtain information by logging on to the website of the consulate of the chosen country.

You will find more information on the administrative steps to be taken when moving abroad here.