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The use of the services offered by the website, as well as the simple act of browsing the website "" counts as explicit acceptance of the General Terms of Use. Any dispute concerning the acceptance, compliance or performance of a contractual obligation, provided for in this Terms of here, will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.


BF COMMUNICATION may change at its discretion the GTU of the website "". Every website user is therefore invited to consult regularly with these GTU in order to learn about possible changes.



1/ Access to the website and user obligations

  • Access to customer extranet: professional space is reserved to private advertisers and professional advertisers of "" who register with their credentials in the provided space. The user of this "Pro Account" is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of his credentials and involves its liability regarding use, whatever it may be, of his credentials.

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BF COMMUNICATION will not be liable in case of dispute between advertisers who use this feature.
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The user agrees to browse the site according to the instructions and directions present on it.

The user agrees not to disrupt or interfere with the proper functioning of the website and the services offered on it.

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It is forbidden any use of the website and its services with the aim of undermining the interests, popularity, image or reputation of BF COMMUNICATION and that in doing so cause damage to the product Mer et Demeures.



2/ Responsibilities and obligations of BF COMMUNICATION

BF COMMUNICATION focuses its efforts on the creation of the website "", its proper functioning and integrity. By doing so, BF COMMUNICATION disclaims any liability in case of:  

• Total or partial interruption of the website "" for reasons of technical maintenance or updating of the data and information published.
• Any technical problems that lead to temporary inability to access the website "".
• Damage resulting directly or indirectly from the inaccuracy and lack of reliability of the information provided on the site or arising out of access to or use of "".
• Damages resulting from the relationship created between user and the customer, author of the advertisement or any other partner of the website.
• Abnormal or illegal use of "". The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the website and the damages that may be caused to third parties.
• Loss and/or theft of credentials (complete or partial) of the user, customer of "".
• Failure in fulfilling one of its obligations or interruption of its services in the event of force majeure, which is defined by French law.


BF COMMUNICATION is fully committed to provide a showcase and liaison service between the various actors of the website (user, customer, owner, partner). Unfortunately, BF COMMUNICATION cannot guarantee:

• The nature of the follow-through of a publication of an advertisement by a customer or the follow-through of the first contact with third parties.
• The nature of the relationship created by the different actors of the website (user, customer, owner, partner).
• The quality of information and advice provided by customers, authors of posts, partners of the website and advertisers.


"" disseminates editorial contents (informative and commercial), especially related to the fields of architecture, real estate, practical services and tourism. However, BF COMMUNICATION informs users that in no case these articles are an alternative to consulting legal or industry professionals.

To maximize your visibility, BF COMMUNICATION translated the website into eight languages. In addition, all the prices given on this website are converted from euro to different currencies, thanks to a currency converter, which is regularly updated.



3/ Protection of Copyrights and Database


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Thus, the user agrees to:

• Do not reproduce (in whole or in part), distribute, use or represent the website or its constituent elements (photo, logo, announcement, text, video, image, sound, program, company name ...) with the exception of a strictly private use.
• Do not extract or index any part or the entirety of the website for the benefit of third parties.
• Do not alter, modify or withdraw, whatever formats and media, all or part of the terms of intellectual property of the website.


According the provisions of the article L 341-1 and following of the "Code de la Propriété Intellecuelle", BF COMMUNICATION is the producer of the database of "".

• You may not remove, alter, reproduce, use, transfer or represent, in part or in its totality, the contents of this database.
• It is forbidden to establish, edit, update, import, export or make available to third parties the whole or a part of the BF communication’s database in order to participate in the creation of a database competitor.


Unless authorized by BF COMMUNICATION, the reproduction, representation or adaptation of the totality or a part of the website "" will be considered as forgery and involves civil and penal responsibility for its author.


BF COMMUNICATION reserves the right to initiate legal action against anyone who commits one or more violations of the "Code of Intellectual Property" and the above mentioned disqualifications.


4/ Personal Data Protection

BF COMMUNICATION is committed to respecting  user’s rights of objection, access, rectification and suppression provided by French law n° 78-17 of 6th  January 1978 as amended by the law n° 2004-81 of 6th  August 2004.

Use of the website

Thus, the site visitor and user is able to:

  • Object to the processing of his/her personal data.
  • Object to the use of his/her data for purposes of canvassing, in particular for commercial ends.
  • Request the access to a copy of his/her personal data.
  • Modify, update, complete or remove his/her personal data.

User may exercise his/her rights by sending a letter - and proving his/her identity - to the company BF COMMUNICATION: Valparc 2, Bât 2, Avenue de Rome, ZE les playes, 83500 La Seyne sur Mer.


BF COMMUNICATION undertakes to treat personal data in compliance with the provisions of the law n° 78-17 of 6th  January 1978 as amended by law n° 2004-81 of 6th August 2004 relating to information technology, files and civil liberties.

BF COMMUNICATION, in compliance with the provisions of the law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978 as amended by law n° 2004-81 of 6th August 2004, informs its users that the website "" is the subject of a declaration to CNIL no. 1734265 v 0.

BF COMMUNICATION informs its users that customers’ files are also covered by a CNIL declaration.


5/ Protection of people, minors and goods


BF COMMUNICATION is committed to defending the integrity of its website "" and supports the fight against unfair practices, the struggle for the respect of human rights of men, women and children, and in a more comprehensive way, of the law relating to the Internet.

Thus, BF COMMUNICATION is committed to:

• Cooperate with the authorities in charge, in accordance with their request, in the event of non-compliance with French laws.
• Not to disseminate advertising or content that do not respect the law.


BF COMMUNICATION prohibits any use of the website "" with the aim to distribute content (image, text, video, sound ...):

• That threatens public order, respect for privacy, secrecy of correspondence.

• That instigates hatred, discrimination or violence.
• That attacks honor or reputation.
• Defamatory or offending, xenophobic, homophobic or racist.
• That incites to commit a crime, a felony or a terrorist act.
• That praises war crimes or crimes against humanity.



6/ Hypertext links to and from the website

"" offers hyperlinks to external websites operated by third parties. BF COMMUNICATION has no control over the content of these websites and declines all responsibility in this regard. The presence of these links on "" does not imply approval of the contents of these third party websites by BF COMMUNICATION.

The responsibility of BF COMMUNICATION will not be involved:

• In the event of a dispute with the third website indexed on "" or one of its members.
• In case of malfunction or difficulty of access to the third party website indexed on "".
• In case of lack of completeness, reliability or quality of the content of the third party website indexed on the website "".


It is forbidden to create a hypertext link to the website "" without the express consent of BF COMMUNICATION.

It is forbidden to practice "Framing" without the express permission of BF COMMUNICATION. Framing is a technique that consists in the integration of part of the content of a website into a third one leaving the hypertext active towards the source website, in a more or less explicit way.



7/ Cookies


Definition: A cookie is an information text file filed by a website on your navigation device. A Cookie allows to the website to identify the device of navigation (computer, tablet, smartphone…). Cookies does not allow identifying personally the visitor, they are not used to collect private data.


Cookies utilization: is using third-party cookies to make audience statistics. These cookies only produces anonymous statistics of frequentation and volumes. These cookies will be not stored beyond 13 months after the first visit of the website.


Rejecting cookies: you are free to refused all or a part of these cookies by configuring your browser.


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  • To block cookies on Safari: "Settings" > "Safari"> "Block cookies" > select "Always block".


  • To block cookies on Internet Explorer: "Tools" > "Internet options" > "Privacy" > "Settings" > move the slider to the top in order to select "Block all cookies" > "OK".


8/ Newsletter

BF COMMUNICATION can send the user, directly or through partners or service, an e-mail for information on its services.

The Company reserves the right to disclose personal data to a third user, for research, analyzing and commercial purpose. The user can object to the dissemination and processing of his personal data as said in the above-mentioned article 4.


*This translation is made for information purposes only, and only the French version is legally binding.

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