Alice Biais-Bélard, depth and strength of matter

For 35 years, Alice Biais-Bélard has been having fun with colors and materials. For this artist, creating a painting is always an exciting challenge.

Sand, marble dust, music scores or writings and customer’s personal productions, Alice Biais-Bélard integrates matter to his art. These pieces of life, mixed with acrylic paint, give substance to the work, animating and enlightening it. The artist tends to translate a certain spirituality, the one that gives meaning to the everyday life and value to the encounters.

"My paintings are the translation of what inhabits me and through this controlled abstraction, they express my willingness to meet with the Other", she confides. The path towards the realization of a canvas passes from a long and deep reflection. The painter is inspired by a ray of sunshine that pierces the fog, by sharing moments that punctuate the existence... Alice, who prefers the warm colors because they bring good mood and conviviality, does not hide her taste for space and the presence offered by the triptychs and quadriptych.

The work of Alice Biais-Bélard is a ballet of silhouettes, of lost notes and carried shadows that engage a dialogue with the observer. Often exposed, her paintings have adorned the walls of the Hôtel Crillon, the Grand Palais in Paris, travelled from Canada to Japan via Italy and the United States where the artist worked to the outfitting of a private Boeing 777. Besides the frequent exhibitions, the artist invites us to "dare Art" at the office or at home, in order to energize the space giving it a bold touch.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (April 2015).

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