Christophe Durand, airbrush in every shape and form

As an unquestionably successful multi-function artist, Christophe Durand juggles between materials and technics through unique creations.

Christophe Durand has been developing his art through his eclectic career between house painting, lettering, decorative art and bodywork painting. He became "Compagnon des Devoirs Unis" in 2001, he received the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" in Pictorial Communication in 2004 and won of the Picasso Trophy in 2012, his success is undeniable.

From body to food painting, his materials alternate between skin and chocolate. On canvas, metal sheet or wood, his airbrush fixes the model curves, laid bare for good cause or for fun. Committed, the artists paints Africa to print remembrance and paints celebrities' portraits for Les Toiles de l'Espoir, funding Un Rêve à Vivre, the association he founded in order to make sick children dreams come true.

With Un Rêve à Vivre, Christophe Durand makes his art with a humanist approach. He invites all those who wish to participate to taking pictures of themselves with vulnerability, in solidarity with the children. Then, an artist will use the picture as a model and will add his creation to the Les Toiles de L’Espoir collection. You can support Un Rêve à Vivre posing for an artist or making a donation.

Keen to share, Christophe Durand teaches his skills in the Aéro Styl' Formation and attends international contest and exhibitions with his students.

For this painter listed at Drouot, Art is a window onto reality, an actor for good cause. In the making of his work, pure gestures, clear strokes, sparkling hues convey the strength and vulnerability of the subject. Nude, frescoes, everyday scenes... his compositions are regularly exhibited in France and soon abroad. This many-sided artist paints during show, on several exhibitions and proposes, with Resid'Art-COM, to make room for Art in the corporate world.

Translated by Sylvain Muller – (Juillet 2015).

Christophe Durand
Artiste coté Drouot
42, rue de la Maladrie
44120 VERTOU
Tél. : 02 40 03 04 12
Portable : 06 82 58 25 15
[email protected]fr