Mary Larsson, colours of peace, love and joy

Lulled by the legends of Trolls of Lapland and imbued with Hindu philosophy, Mary Larsson communicates all her joy in her works through colors, to discover at the St Tropez Art Studio.

French by adoption, she left her native Sweden to move to the South of France many years ago. Here she discovers the colorful force of Van Gogh and she decides to grab a brush and start painting. From being just paintings, her art evolves, marked by her artistic desires and preferences. The creations of Mary Larsson are the mirror of an exuberant imagination.

Often, her travels in India or Nepal may be found on the canvas. From the lotus dotting the landscapes to the works Shakti and Radha-Krishna The Eternal Love Story, the East blends with the Scandinavian spring. Her paintings tell of colorful and lighthearted characters, which evolve in a universe created in their own image, and transmit a message of peace, love and joy.

Playing with colors, Mary Larsson dreams to bring a little cheerfulness. For some years, the artist has been exploring different techniques. Acrylic on canvas, collage, printed fabrics, painting on plexiglass and raku sculptures: her happiness potion is now available in all its forms.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (October 2014).


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