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"Oceans of Oz" in Paris, expo at the Galerie Art’et Miss

"Oceans of Oz", the extra-ordinary art exhibition of two international artists, Olivia Alexander and Ann Dunbar, is opening in Paris from 1st December for a week at the Galerie Art'et Miss.

Located only a few steps from Musée Picasso, the Parisian gallery Art’et Miss will come alive from 1st to 8th December with "Oceans of Oz", the art exhibition of Olivia Alexander and Ann Dunbar, inspired by the Australian oceans, the pristine sands, crystal clear azure blue sea and the strange life under the sea of the Barrier reef.

Olivia Alexander, born in London in 1961, moved to Australia with her parents as a child and soon discovered her talent for drawing. In 2007, she opened up her studio in Shellharbour, south of Sydney, where she works full-time. Her work is described as abstract expressionist, where she does not paint realism but rather the expression of the emotive factors she experiences. Her speciality is the layering of diverse mixed mediums which create a richness of luscious colours and profound range of texture. She was awarded the silver medal from the French International Academy of Merit and most recently the Art Critics award, the Rome Imperial International Award in Italy and a finalist in the international Brisbane art prize. Olivia’s work has travelled to Dubai, France, Italy and Singapore and is collected worldwide. She is represented by galleries and curators from Italy, Singapore, Australia and France

Ann Dunbar, born in Hampshire, England knew at a very early age that she wanted to become an artist. She spent six years studying, firstly to obtain a teachers certificate with honours and secondly a for bachelors of Arts degree in textiles and fashion. She taught in schools and colleges for sixteen years, before she became an artist in her own right. Relocated in France since 1996, Ann spent time to find her own style and expression and to establish herself in the French art scene. Her work is a figurative and romantic style whereby she embellishes her painting with embroidery. Thousands of silk threads superimposed create exciting effects. Today, Ann has a long list of awards and medals; mostly recently, she was given the Pierre Paul Rubens medal (Italia), the art critics Award and Rome Imperial Award (Salvatore Russo) from Italy and a finalist in the "Healing Power of art competition", with Manhattan Arts International. Ann exhibits have travelled the globe, in Europe and abroad such as Japan, China, Cambodia, Australia and USA. She is represented by galleries and curators in Italy, Australia and France.

Both Olivia and Ann have created a body of work that ties up with the issues of the fragile environment we live in: rising sea temperature and global warming, hot topics which hit Paris at this moment with the COP21 debate. Both Olivia Alexander and Ann Dunbar, who are passionate about nature, wish to raise awareness of the fragility, beauty and natural spirit of our marine world, through their own personal expression.

Olivia and Ann both welcome you with many surprises and interesting events through the week, such as body painting and didgeridoo demonstration. All work on display is for sale and part of the proceeds will go to towards Australian Marine Conservation Society and Sea Shepherds (France).


Oceans of Oz
From 1st to 8 december 2015
Galerie Art’et Miss
14, rue Sainte Anastase – 75 003 Paris
Olivia Alexander:
+61 04 11 19 72 54
Ann Dunbar:
+33 (0)6 11 23 12 19
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