GETAWAY: Guadeloupe L'Essentiel, the indispensable for an unforgettable trip

With the guide Guadeloupe l'Essentiel, Joëlle Bah-Dralou and Charles Bah invite you to discover a colourful and lively archipelago with 160 addresses, good tips, essential places and local meetings.

Guadeloupe l'Essentiel, published by Éditions Nomades, is a collection of good ideas for visiting the Caribbean archipelago. Exploring by sea, travelling in the heart of nature, discovering its heritage or its gastronomy... the islands of Guadeloupe are many and never cease to surprise.

From the introduction, the tone is set. “The islands of Guadeloupe offer five destinations in one trip. Not bad, is it? The uniqueness of each island deserves an escapade“.

The program of this tropical escape begins with the discovery of the islands of the archipelago. To each its activities, its inescapable and unusual places. “La Désirade is appreciated for the wild nature of its environment and the calm that reigns there. Impressions from the end of the world recharge the minds of visitors who stay there for a few days. There, you will eat the best boxfishes in the whole archipelago. At Les Saintes, change of atmosphere! The insolent beauty of this small archipelago is unanimously appreciated. Hiking in the forest of Terre-de-Bas and snorkeling beneath the Pain de Sucre de Terre-de-Haut will leave you with an unforgettable memory”.

The guide also encourages you to visit the main islands of Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre and Marie-Galante, a “land of sharing [...] oriented towards the essential: you take the time to live in Marie-Galante”. The most beautiful beaches as Grande Anse or La Caravelle, the activities to practice such as diving, fishing or flying over the archipelago... The good tips of the authors are gathered here to allow you to discover Guadeloupe differently.

However, Guadeloupe l'Essentiel does not limit itself to presenting you the most beautiful places, the best activities or the most typical dishes. The authors of this guide invite you to live like the locals. “To experience an extraordinary journey in the islands of Guadeloupe, you will have to meet the people who live in the archipelago, to be curious about the plural culture of the place. Literature, music, dance, gastronomy are all doors to be opened to better immerse yourself in the island”.

Guadeloupe l'Essentiel offers an authentic way of travelling and a unique experience to be renewed again and again. “When you are interested in Guadeloupe, you discover its treasures. When you discover these treasures, you come back. When you come back, you tame it…”.


Quotations have been translated for the understanding of the article. The guide is available for sale in French only.


Guadeloupe L’Essentiel
Published by Éditions Nomades
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