SLIDES: Animals in water, just a little freshness

Summer is well settled but not everyone can afford to splash around in the water with their toes fanned. Take a break and enjoy a moment of softness and freshness with this slideshow.

1/In the fresh waters of Canada, this friendly sea lion is intrigued by the lens of photographer Jon Cornforth.

2/ Bahamian pigs have a good life. These pigs, which have settled on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, spend their lives with their feet in the water and do not hesitate to come and meet tourists.

3/ We envy a little bit this river otter which take a dip...

4/ For his collection "Underwater Dogs", Seth Casteel photographed many dogs diving into the water. The result is touching and hilarious.

5/ Relaxed, this sea lion floats and lets itself be carried by the current. This summer on the beach, we will also try this technique called "float".

6/ Never before have small elephants been so happy to jump into the water!

7/ Even if these ducks are probably fishing, they are at least cool-headed.