SLIDES: Floating cities, oasis for the future

Ultra-liberal utopia made up of microstates or post-apocalyptic civilization such as Kevin Reynolds' famous Waterworld... These theories have given rise to many floating, unusual and futuristic city projects.

1/ Elegance and green ideology are found in the purified lines of Lilypad. Vincent Callebaut imagines a 500,000 m² floating eco-polis that will welcome the world's climate refugees in beautiful apartments with sea views.

2/ Designed by Team 3DA, in the competition launched by the Seasteading Institute in 2009, Refusion is a perfectly self-sufficient nation city project, built on a former oil platform.

3/ Kevin Schopfer's New Orleans Arcology Habitat or NOAH can accommodate up to 40,000 inhabitants. This 360-metre high pyramidal super building was designed to accommodate the population in the event of new floods, such as those caused by Katrina in 2005.

4/ SESU Seastead, the Estonian seas subdivision of Marko Järvela, won the aesthetics prize at the Seasteading contest. This expandable project involves independent residential blocks connected by a gateway system.

5/ Emerson Stepp and his Oasis of the Seas are also among the winners of the Seasteading contest. This laboratory city is intended to house one of the micro-nations that will give life to a new global government system.

6/ Île AZ is one of the first concepts of a "sailing city". Designed in the 1990s by Jean-Philippe Zoppini in collaboration with Alstom, this 10-hectare luxury liner could accommodate up to 10,000 passengers.

7/ With Green Float, the Japanese company Shimizu Corporation is considering the construction of self-regulating and autonomous floating cells that can house between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. The city will be at the top of the central tower, surrounded by farmland and waterfront forests.

8/ In a few years, the Freedom Ship could take off. This giant of the seas, one kilometre long, will accommodate up to 60,000 people on board. The price of the apartments has already been announced, it will cost about $150,000 for a 100 m² apartment.