SLIDES: Frozen waters and ice wonders

Accompanied by extreme temperatures, winter reveals its most beautiful creations and all around the world, water turns into enchanted sculptures.

1/ Following the current, the frost flowers are born on a thin layer of icy water. Fragile and ephemeral, they are one of the beauties of this Arctic landscape and offer this spectacular sea view.

2/ In Iceland's Skaftafell National Park, along Route 1, these crystal caves were dug by warm water from a spring of the Vatnajökull volcano.

3/ In this picture taken in Terre Adélie, the sea view is breathtaking. The Antarctic Ocean is covered with scales and gives free rein to the imagination.

4/ In the heart of Antarctica's lands, the frozen lake of Druzhby traps thousands of water bubbles and gives the impression that an entire northern forest stands beneath the surface.

5/ Lake Abraham, in the state of Alberta in Canada, is also known for the charms it reveals during the winter season. Bubbles of water and strands of grass frozen, the show grows to ecstasy.

6/ In January 2014, a current of polar cold struck North America and didn’t spare Lake Michigan. Temperatures reached a record low of -50°C and the landscape covered up with an icy white.

7/ Filmed by the teams of the documentary Chasing Ice, released in 2012, this Greenland ice canyon is as beautiful as it is terrifying.