GETAWAY: An outstanding trip in Portugal

Located to the west of the Iberian Peninsula, the Portugal is known for its touristic advantages. It is among the great destinations list that fascinate globetrotters.

Rural and ecological tourism in Alentejo  

Crossing Alentejo is a must-see during a stay in Portugal. It is the country's largest region and one of the most popular destinations for travellers. You will be amazed by its magnificent landscapes made of green plains, hills and vast expanses of wheat fields, vineyards and olive groves.

More to the South, the scenery is drier. You will see marble quarries, such as Monsaraz and Estremoz... Still in the southern part of the region, water sports enthusiasts will be able to find perfect places to give themselves over their passion. In Arraiolos, you can attend the handcrafted carpet making, a typical activity of the place but also of some villages typical of the castles road.

Going down further south, you will have the opportunity to visit the largest photovoltaic plant on the planet, the Amareleja solar power plant. Its installation was facilitated by the exceptional climatic conditions of the place. In this part of the territory, you can also discover the megalithic remains of a bygone era between dolmens and cromlechs.

The sumptuous beaches of Algarve

A short distance from Alentejo, Algarve is an important touristic and summer region. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, it shelters many heavenly shores. However, some beaches are preferred by travellers and are the subject of lively discussions on the travellers' forums.

Among them, the Odeceixe beach is characterized by its vast expanse of sand which offers beautiful walks at low tide. This beach gives the opportunity to practice several activities. In calm weather, it is an ideal place for swimming with family or friends. On the contrary, when the rough sea offers impressive waves, it is a delight for surfing, diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Discover also the beach of Bordeira, located in the village of Carrapateira, and visit its seaside, ideal for relaxing. Situated in a national park, this site is very popular with nature lovers.

Portuguese gastronomy

Tasting typical Portuguese dishes is a must during your stay in this country. The Portuguese gastronomy is very varied. Restaurants generally offer seafood recipes, which are the staple food of many local specialities. Bread, wine and olive oil are also at the heart of the Mediterranean and Portuguese culinary traditions.

In Portugal, cooks also use many spices to give their dishes even more flavour, a practice certainly introduced by the former colonies. Common herbs and spices include cinnamon, laurel or piri-piri. Throughout the trip, you will have the chance to enjoy succulent specialities such as bacalhau pastéis (cod doughnuts), bacalhau à brás (hot preparation of chopped cod) and the caldeirada de peixe (fish stew).

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