GETAWAY: The most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean

The Islands of the Mediterranean basin are every bit as beautiful as their tropical sisters. From the Balearic Islands to Cyprus including Croatia, the Great Blue reveals impressive insular landscapes.

The trip across the Mediterranean begins in Spain and especially in Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands. With a 160 km long coastline, crystal-clear water bays, an old town, irrigated gardens, carob trees and other regional plants, Ibiza has plenty to charm visitors. The variety of clubs, hotels and restaurants also makes it a popular place for night life and celebration. On the other hand, for a calm and contemplative holiday, one will choose rather to visit its neighbours, Formentera or Menorca for their wildlife, food and wine heritage.

To wander the Latin basin, sailing is without doubt the most enjoyable way. Therefore, after a few days spent in Ibiza, sail away towards the French Riviera and the islands of Port-Cros and Porquerolles, with their Occitan landscapes and a wonderful seabed. In these two preserved sites, there are many treasures to discover such as the old military forts, the mill of happiness, the wrecks guarding the coast or the flora and fauna that live there. Further South, the beautiful Corsica reveals its Lavezzi islands located in the Strait of Bonifacio, where you can admire granite outcrops, turquoise water and wildlife.

Once back on board, head for Italian island of Elba, which greeted Napoleon at the time, now concentrates the best of Tuscany on 224 km². Agricultural terraces, vineyards, forests of beech and chestnut trees, the mounts Jupiter and Cote, coves and pebble beaches... Elba offers a variety of touristic activities related to nature.

Towards the south, Capri looms on the horizon. Located in the Bay of Naples, it was already very popular among the wealthy Romans of ancient times. In addition to the colorful facades, you can enjoy the bougainvillea and heavenly sites like the Marina Piccola and the Blue Grotto of Anacapri, or the remains of Imperial villas.

The archipelagos of Malta and Gozo are the next stop-overs of this journey through Latin Europe. Green, rural, agricultural and traditional, with baroque churches and farms, cliffs and prehistoric sites, Gozo offers its breathtaking landscapes. The most curious tourists may also visit Anchor Bay, a famous beach of Malta, and discover the village of Popeye.

The Adriatic Sea is essential even just for the beauty of its coastline like in Hvar, a famous Croatian island. Over the years, this land of tradition dotted with Greek remains has become a chic destination for luxury tourism and it is common to see sumptuous yacht pulling over.

When it comes to list the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Greece and its many archipelagos obviously belong there. Corfu in the Ionian Sea or Santorini in the Cyclades cannot be ignored as they are disorienting and sparkling with exoticism. Mountains, hills, plains and beaches, Corfu has any kind of reliefs while Santorini seduces for its white and picturesque architecture and its villages along the cliffs.

Finally, this journey cannot end without Cyprus, the largest and most diversified of all. If some very touristic places have lost a little charm, this island remains one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, and the warmest. In the summer, the Troodos massif and its Mount Olympus offer a journey through ancient myths and a nice alternative to the heat of the seaside.

Whatever their nature is, these gems of the Mediterranean know how to win the hearts of the party and relaxation lovers. After all, if the travelers from around the world prefer these islands, it is definitely for their enchanting potential.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –