GETAWAY: The 10 tourist activities to do in Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe coasts make you dream with their turquoise waters and immaculate beaches lined with coconut palms and bathed by the sun. Focus on the most popular tourist activities in Guadeloupe.

Seven paradisiacal islands constitute Guadeloupe, an archipelago located on the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The Guadeloupe coasts make you dream with their turquoise waters and immaculate beaches bathed in the sun and lined with coconut palms.

Guadeloupe, an authentic pearl nestled in the Caribbean

Guadeloupe, also known as the butterfly island, is a choice destination to enjoy the sun on beautiful beaches, swim among sea turtles and parrot fish or discover an exceptional biodiversity. There are many tours to do in Guadeloupe, their duration varies according to the activities and places to visit. On, the tours last between 8 and 10 days.

Visiting Guadeloupe means going on excursion through coffee plantations or mangroves, kayaking at sea, walking in the morning on the island of La Désirade, located next to Petite-Terre. It is prized for its white coves protected by huge coral reefs, its diversified vegetation and its colonies of rare animals such as iguanas or tropicbirds.

Pointe-à-Pitre is another wonder of Guadeloupe, for its Creole tradition, its flower and spice market. Going to Guadeloupe is also a gourmet stopover. The dishes are mainly based on seafood, such as lobsters or codfish chiquetaille. Fine gourmets will also enjoy goat or chicken Colombo, all served with a coconut sorbet.

Some places to visit during a stay in Guadeloupe

The Saintes, bordering southwest Guadeloupe, constitute an archipelago of volcanic islets, including the islands of Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. The local fauna deserves to be explored through organized excursions or diving. Iguanas lead the terrestrial fauna while coral fishes make the exceptional wealth of marine fauna.

The volcano La Soufrière is another must see landmark in Guadeloupe. Once at the top of the volcano, visitors are surrounded by the mist and by cliffs that can reach an altitude of 80 m. This stopover will also be an opportunity to discover Hole of Man Coco, a chasm located at the Porte d'Enfer.

Grande-Terre is another wonder of Guadeloupe, famous for its coast surrounded by white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and spots dedicated to water sports, such as surfing, kite surfing or diving. When it comes to diving, sports enthusiasts will explore the wrecks of the Leeward Coast or the underwater canyons of La Désirade.

A stay in Guadeloupe also evokes a rum tasting on the island of Marie-Galante. There are many bars offering old rum or straw rum, prized for its vanilla taste. Going to Guadeloupe is finally a cultural tour to the Schoelcher Museum, Pointe-à-Pitre, or to the village of Petit-Canal, to visit the Museum of Life of yesteryear. Fort Fleur d'Epée on Grande-Terre will complete this tour. It is famous for the Zevallos house.

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