Élodée, the contemporary and minimalist swimming pools

A swimming lane with simple lines, a movable floor that transforms the pool into a monobloc shiny object ... the Élodée concept elevates the pool to the level of a contemporary work.

The first water pool with underground filter beds was born in 2003 when Philippe Roussille, designer of Élodée meets the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. This collaboration leads to define the pure contours of an infinity edge pool, made of reinforced concrete. A few years later, Philippe Roussille imagines an elegant and secure swimming pool that does not fear the use of chemicals, and adds a movable floor.

Disappearing in favour of the landscape, this swimming lane focuses on both the ecological aestheticism and the security. The movable bottom of the pool, which allows you to vary the depth from a few centimeters to 1.60 meters, is a guarantee for the security of the whole family. The same bottom has the ability to seal the surface of the pool, while maintaining the water temperature. It also prevents the light to penetrate, thus preventing the growth of algae, and eliminating the need for chemicals. The purification of the water is ensured by the underground filter beds, consisting of pebbles of volcanic rock, devoid of aquatic plants.

Élodée offers such a minimalist rectangular pool that becomes a path of water or a swimming lane, a contemporary building that blends in with its environment, whether the pool is open or closed.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina - Meretdemeures.com (February 2015).


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