SPORT: Riding the Stand Up Paddle wave

A tidal wave in water sports, Stand up Paddle is riding a tide of popularity since 2012. Here is an overview of this healthy and trendy board.

Devised in the forties on Hawaii beaches, the Stand Up Paddle has been re-launched in the United States in 2005, thanks to surfers like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama or Deb Thomas. SUP practising needs a bigger surfboard and a paddle. This sport has quickly conquered water sports enthusiasts, and is inescapable since the 2012 world contest.

Standing on a paddleboard requires balancing and paddling at the same time, which involves many body muscles. This fun activity allows toning up and tanning while enjoying the sea view, which is as good for both the body and the mind. With SUP growing popularity, equipment leases has expanded. While the average purchase price of a paddleboard is between 400 and 600 €, nautical centres rent them out and provide training courses for an affordable fee.

Whether it be on the calm waters of a lake or on the waves of the ocean, Stand Up Paddle is practised almost everywhere. French Polynesia and the Caribbean are ideal locations for floating on an astonishingly clear glassy sea. Surfers also desire the beaches of Peniche in Portugal or those from Hawaii. As unusual as it might seem, SUP is now cruising through the canals of the beautiful Venice.

Translated by S. Muller –

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