GETAWAY: Tahiti crowned with turquoise

Queen of the Society Archipelago, Tahiti is the largest island of French Polynesia and destination of lovers and travelers. Those who dream of living in a relaxed atmosphere on the seashore should prepare their suitcases immediately.

A warm welcome adorned with Tiare flowers; a sea excursion on the traditional canoe va'a; an expedition into the wild heart of the Polynesian jewel; a bath in its blue lagoons and a great dinner on the terrace of a bungalow on stilts. With this program, between land and sea, the island of Tahiti unfolds before your eyes.

Tahiti, with its two volcanic massifs and its barrier reef, is bulging with wonders that entice us to relocate. Living in a house with a sea view, the fishiest in the world, discover the natural aquarium of Punaauia and the natural park of Taravao, whether it is an activity of sea or mountain, here everything is possible.

Its history and its legends are whispered by the marae - archaeological sites - and by the Tiki, which have been protecting the inhabitants of the island for centuries. Its culinary traditions and its cultural heritage passed on to us by the Tahitians, always hospitable, in French or in reo maohi (Tahitian). For a round trip or just a one-way trip, Tahiti and Polynesia are an actual paradise on Earth.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina- (March 2014).