ARCHI: Hervé Ghirlanda, the love of landscape in the perfection of volumes

Corsican architectural tradition, modernity of volumes and ecological awareness, for twenty years, Hervé Ghirlanda conceives buildings to the image of its customers and environment friendly.

It is in his homeland, between Calvi e Bastia that the architect designs homes that perfectly blend with the topography of the place, wonderfully combining stone and concrete. To create the client dreamed building, integrated into the landscape, Hervé Ghirlanda takes inspiration from various influences, including Andrea Palladio and Le Corbusier. Each time, he introduces absolute proportions defined by the golden number.

Beyond the current regulation, for Hervé Ghirlanda whose a project - the first in Corsica – received the BBC* qualification, the concern of protecting nature is connected to the conception process. "In order to create buildings that consume less, we have to work with a more cubic volume, simplifying forms. The approach of the architecture has been changed with the introduction of thermal regulation." The architect must also "be aware of the ground, the sun path, the trajectory and strength of the wind, always taking into account the views." In fact, the most beautiful views of the sea on which he works are often oriented towards North. In this way, a smart home has to be crafty to benefit from its environment without sacrificing the beauty of its landscape.

Stone and glass, wood and concrete are all noble materials and their use does not implicate any ecological concerns, thanks to their regional origin. With a preference for the use of stone, Hervé Ghirlanda confesses that he tried to "bring back to fashion the ancestral technique of stone, but in a more contemporary way, associating it with modern concrete and glass."

Building in terms of durability is not always obvious, but Hervé Ghirlanda has integrated all the principles. Since 2010 and its first recognitions in the field of ecodesign, the architect now devotes himself to the creation of a positive energy house in Saint-Florent, thus pushing more and more forward the alliance between Corsican tradition and modernity of techniques.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –