ECOLOGY: The home study, an eco-recycled place

Prepare the new year by refurbishing the room of all ambitions: the study. Shelves, table, armchair, wastepaper bin, lamp, recycling is in vogue for a creative month of December.

1) Unrefined or painted, the wooden pallet becomes a centerpiece of furniture. This working table can accommodate drawers, folders, a billboard or even plants, all you have to do is follow your imagination.

2) Old books will no longer need to collect dust, but they will be used to build a bookcase inspired to "Books", the ephemeral creation of Studio Aisslinger. All you need is metal connectors, binder clips and hardcover publications of the same size. Proceed inserting each side of the metal connectors in between the pages and then block the books with the binder clips. Repeat the process until your module-like structure is completed and ready to accommodate your novels or manuals.

3-4) Newsprint paper is a very good material to create accessories and objects that give the effect of the "Paper Chair" of Peter Plantar. To shape a unique and recycled chair, glue together all the pre-modeled papier-mâché strips. To complete the picture, add a waste paper basket made of intertwined newsprint paper straws.

5-6) Finally, with candy jar suspended top down, you can create lamps, or use them with the right side up to create micro-landscape inside that will bring a decorative touch to this part of the study.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (November 2014).