ECOLOGY: More Green than green, the Tree Fab Hab

Whether the house is on the seashore or in the country, the choice of a house is often combined with the desire to settle down and enduringly commit in life. In that case, why not to choose an accommodation that evolves like you, or a building that grows?

Even if today it is only a concept, it is possible to imagine that in the near future some tree-houses would be growing here and there. Directly conceived by the imagination of Mitchell Joachim, Lara Greden, and Javier Arbona, within the laboratories of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this high-tech, ultra-ecological dwelling called Tree Fab Hab grows along with its tree.

This revolutionary project involves the construction of a scaffold consisting of vegetable matter, on which rests the bearing shaft of the building. Anticipated and controlled, its development takes place around the initial structure, forming in a few years the walls of this green house. At this point, it's time to remove the scaffold and focus on the inner lining, insulation and furniture.

This rustic and eco-friendly house, able to recycle CO2, will be heated by solar energy and served by rainwater. Obviously, it will take nearly ten years to be able to settle in your very own tree, maybe with sea view, and it will cost from 10 to 15% more compared to a traditional building, but doing what is good for the environment is priceless.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina-