FESTIVITY: Merry Christmas in Lapland

In winter, Lapland wears its white coat. Adorned with aurora borealis and crossed by wild reindeer, the region of the Arctic Circle takes the colors of Christmas.

Finnish Lapland is the place par excellence to spend fairy-tale holidays. This land that covers the north of the Baltic Sea, hides infinite treasures. White coat animals, Scandinavian landscapes of snow-covered fir trees and moors, the region offers plenty of activities connected with nature. Photo safari in dogs or reindeer sleigh, snowmobiling, spoon lure fishing, alpine or cross country skiing, unusual nights in a hotel made of ice and a break into the red horizon of the Kaamos night, scattered with aurora borealis ... here, winter has found its place.

However, what makes Lapland so exceptional is its most famous resident, born from the legendary Julenisse. While some believe that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, his home is actually more to the South of Lapland, the Arctic Circle, where he lives in his village populated by elves. In Napapiiri, 8 km north from Rovaniemi, stands the village of the man with the white beard, the Joulupukki, in Finnish.

Here, time flows differently. In the land of reindeer and arctic foxes, Christmas is all year round at the Santa Claus Village, but also in the caves of Santa Park. Bells, elves and lighting, the environment is warm. In these places out of time, everyone could go to Santa Claus’ office and meet him in person, decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus, study calligraphy and practice D.I.Y. in the elf school and then explore the Gallery of Ice. In Napapiiri, everything is brought together to experience the end-of-year festivities in the sign of pure tradition.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – Meretdemeures.com.