HOLIDAYS: A night on the top of a tree

More than a trend, the tree house, halfway between wild camping and the comfort of a five-star hotel, has won over a lot of globetrotters.

Some consider acting like Robinson Crusoe and sleeping in a wooden shack built at the top a tree has always been a childhood dream. It is never too late to try, and it is not necessary to get down to building this makeshift shelter full of dreams.

Throughout the world, this new concept is multiplying. At the heart of the lands or on the coastline, many hotels offer this kind of accommodation. From the Swedish pine trees to the baobabs of Senegal, including Zanzibar, Belize, or Guadeloupe, the high-perched huts win over tourists and adapt themselves to local trees.

In France, approximately 500 tree houses perched between five and fifty-five meters high are waiting for travellers. Whether it be in Brittany, on the shores of the Bay of Biscay or in the French Riviera, the concept has been popularized. Hanging bedrooms come in various sizes and at different heights. From the humble hut to the fairy-tale castle, it meets everyone’s expectations, for an average price between 100 and 200 € for a double room.

The most demanding dreamers can also build their own haven of peace to enjoy it freely in the garden or in the area allocated by the builders, for personal leisure or a professional project. And thanks to a price close on 900 € per square meter for a rustic accommodation project, the dream will be accessible.

Translated by S. Muller –