Healthy, smart and high-performing Linnen’s homes

Anticipate the future by creating homes in peace with nature: this is the mission of Pablo Portugal, founder of Linnen.

In creating his own houses’ brand, the entrepreneur has surrounded himself with renowned architects and chose some exacting standards such as the German energy performance label Passivhaus.

There is a major discrepancy between what is possible to build with current technologies and the buildings often erected. This is why the Linnen’s team is committed to offering unconventional constructions that combine a modern architecture signature with sustainable and functional materials. Thus, Linnen creates spaces of well-being that are healthy, connected and highly performing.

Cleverly using the good resources to make them a strong point without going against nature is the firm’s motto. Thus, the firm conceives and realizes houses that adapt to their environment and respect it. The Linnen’s house is made of natural materials, consume about six times less than a conventional construction and is equipped with the latest innovations. In a few years, the Linnen’s buildings will also be energy independent.

While investing in the future is a challenge, Linnen proposes to have confidence in the future by becoming the owner of a house that combines the best of modern technology with a unique architectural imprint. With a coverage throughout France, from initial conception to delivery, Linnen deals with all phases. The teams, composed by architects and engineers, ensure a perfect technical expertise and commit to intelligently integrate the latest innovations in the field of habitat.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –

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