TECHNO: The House of the future is printable

It takes time to build a house and a lot of energy. And what if it was enough to choose your own land, the orientation of the house overlooking the sea or on the seashore and wait 24 hours?

Imagined by Behrokh Khoshnevis, professor at the University of Southern California (USC), Contour Crafting will please those who decide to create and shape the waterfront villa of their dreams. The 3D printer, loaded with cement, would be able to build a house of 225 m² over the course of just 24 hours.

This technological jewel is also a strong point at ecological level. The classic building site needed for an accommodation of 225 m² produces about three tons of waste. Contour Crafting would allow a reduction of the amount of waste, but also the risk rate of work-related injuries for construction workers would decrease.

Even more idealistically, Contour Crafting could solve the housing problems across the world thanks to the low cost of construction and the speed of implementation. Thanks to its convenience, NASA is already thinking of using the super cement mixer to create the dwellings of its future human colonies on Mars and the Moon. Then, who knows, maybe in a few years you will be seeking a home with "Earth View".

Translated by Dafne Inzaina-