TECHNO: Qleek, the small digital wooden furniture

Technological design, useful and aesthetically pleasing, Qleek is the result of the union between the sensuality of the wood and the infinity of the web.

In a world where the storage of digital information becomes unlimited, establishing a hierarchy of contents of which one could forget even the existence is almost impossible. Qleek, the jewel of Ozenge Studio, the French startup created by Ismail Salhi, Johanna Hartzheim and Pierre-Rudolf Gerlach, materializes the immaterial. Giving a physical body to a digital object, Qleek and its Tapps color your playlist and decorate your living room.

The Tapp, the small wooden hexagon with pleasant features, offers the touch of an old vinyl combined with the dynamism of the web. Connected to a platform such as YouTube, a playlist or a photo album online, whenever the source changes, the Tapp keeps the pace. Linked to digital data or to a web address through a NFC chip, the information provided by the Tapp is updated along with the content or the internet page. Then, it is enough to place the little wooden hexagon on its base station, which is connected to the TV or Hi-Fi (via HDMI, jack or Bluetooth), and be able to read the contents.

A wooden reader with a refined design and Tapps that reflect the identity of its owner with a return to preference, to the pleasure of the selection... Qleek restores the value of your tastes and your souvenirs.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –