ARCHI: Local wood and ancestral know-how by Hadrien Bartherotte

As a return to tradition, the wooden house is asserting itself in the landscape of the Arcachon Bay. On the sand of the Côtes d’Argent, the cabins Bartherotte & Frères stand out sheltered by the pines.

Hadrien and his brother, Martin, work with wood since their childhood. From the construction of the family house to the first order received as entrepreneurs ten years ago, this passion has never abandoned them. Today, there are approximately 15 people working on the Bartherotte construction sites. From wooden floors to rafters, "everything is tailored for each house, as well as being handmade." As an alternative to classic construction and a real return to basics, these dwellings are unique. "Local wood and ancestral know-how, we build so that our houses will still be here in 200 years”.

For each new project, the respect for the environment begins with the management of sustainable materials. "You have to take into account the orientation of the house in order for it to live, but what makes it truly ecological is the use of local resources". Landes Pines and a fishing village, in Arcachon Bay and Cap Ferret, the wooden cabin established itself naturally with the idea of ​​a simple and healthy building.

The Landes Pine is the favourite material of the two brothers. Almost 20 masterpieces are already dotting the coast of the Arcachon Bay, glazed by the splashing water. Untreated wood to resist moisture, rain gutters as a protection from bad weather... the building always takes into account the geographical context. Each finished project is a personal achievement, and leaving a construction site is a blow to the heart. If Hadrien Bartherotte feels melancholy, it is because he builds every home as if it were his own, as if it were his ideal cabin. A wooden house on the edge of the forest and close to the ocean, with a large fireplace to warm up the long winter evenings.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –