ARCHI: OAS1S™, when city become forest

Imagine cities dotted with vegetable dwellings to offset the over-urbanization of the planet... Raimond de Hullu makes this dream come true with OAS1S™, a house as green as a tree.

OAS1S™ is an architectural innovation designed to make Man and nature one. Raimond de Hullu designed this house with the intention of creating urban communities that resemble forests. These complexes, which mix real trees and construction units, can be located by the sea, in rural areas or in the heart of a metropolis. According to the Dutch architect and designer, it is a "win-win" concept, beneficial for individuals, society and the planet because it helps to restore balance between urban environment and nature.

This ecological house is introduced as a slender block of 6 x 6 x 12 metres, covered with a green facade. The classic model offers an all-wood interior space of 160 sqm, spread over four floors, fully customizable. A wooden staircase and corridors with glass partitions connect each floor. The view on the outside environment and the brightness are at the centre of the project thanks to the large loggias with windows, arranged on all levels.

To make OAS1S™ the greenest of green houses, its architect has chosen to meet and even exceed the criteria set by green building standards. Recycled wood structure, high quality organic insulation, plant walls and triple glazing, solar panels and water heaters, air and water heat pump, waste water filtration system... this home is 100% sustainable.

Raimond de Hullu's house is not a fixed concept. Its structure can be adapted to all types of projects and budgets. You can assemble and group the base blocks at will to form an independent villa, semi-detached houses or an eco-hotel. OAS1S™ can also be structured as a commercial space or a place of entertainment.

The architect would like, for his part, to create entire districts to replace nature in the heart of the city, to give a breath of fresh air to the large urban spaces. Since its presentation in early summer 2015, the house-tree OAS1S™ has won over the public and the construction of a first model should soon begin.

With this green and vegetal housing, Raimond de Hullu proposes to change profoundly and sustainably our conception of the urban environment.


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