ARCHI: The tiny House, outbuilding or mini home?

Created to offer all the comfort of a large house in a small and optimized space, the tiny house is suitable for all needs.

It is ideal for hosting family, for a student or simply to enjoy a bit of tranquility in the privacy of your garden. This concept, born in 1999 at the urging of the American Jay Shafer, is tempting to many, so much that an entire village should be built in the county of Sonoma in California. With an area of ​​10 to 40 square meters, the mini house is ecological and independent, available on castors or stilts, in kit or equipped. The tiny house is a small home that has everything to delight and takes up minimal ground space.

Seduced by the concept, some architects have realized more and more compact models, such as Renzo Piano with Diogene and its 7.5 square meters of living space. Similarly, the Swedes of Tengbom created the Smart 10 sqm of which 22 models were built in 2014 to house students on the campus of Lund.

Very inspired by the minimalist cabin occupied by Henry David Thoreau in 1900 in Walden Pond - Massachusetts, the architect Nils Hoger Moorman has created an original and functional shelter. With Walden, he invites us to enter a cabin 1.10 meters wide and 6.5 long, with furniture artfully arranged. In France, the tiny house concept comes out when Yvan Saint-Jours, creator of "La Maison Ecologique" magazine, decides to create a no-frills accommodation, a living space to get back to basics and live a simple life.

In France, Canada, in the United-States ... everywhere it is now possible to build your own mini home. The hut for sale on all DIY store, about 1000 € for 10 square meters, is a classic cheaper but also much less cosy than a real accommodation. If a well-furnished house is not always required, many companies seek to create extensions, i.e. an extra room of variable size and shape to install in a garden. Lovers of DIY can also get plans to build by hand the tiny house of their dreams. For travelling or residing, hosting or just to be fulfilled, everyone benefits from it.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –