ECOLO: Risebox, nature into your home

The kitchen garden of the future could grow even in the middle of your apartment, without taking up more than half a square meter of space.

This idea, of a self-production crop, has been put into practice by Adrien Thery and Nicolas Nardone thanks to the aquaponics system. Web developer and engineer respectively, the two co-founders of Risebox have imagined an "incubator" for vegetables, connected and capable of producing 365 days a year.

The Risebox, mounted in a closed circuit, is an actual mini ecosystem that allows you to grow constantly the equivalent of 6 sq.m. garden, consuming 90% less water than a traditional cultivation. Animals and plants grow in symbiosis, being the one necessary to the survival of the other. To maximize the production of the vertical garden, the Risebox is equipped with LED as a complement of light and a system of sensors to verify the viability of the ecosystem.

Everything is designed in a way that allows the Risebox to be easy to use. No need to have green fingers: an application will be introduced to indicate what to do in due course. Since February 2015, when the co-founder of the Risebox have moved in the premises of Electrolab, in Nanterre, the development has accelerated. They should implement the program "Early Adopter" in the year 2015 to allow some privileged persons to get the very first Risebox available on the market.
In short, you will no longer need to have your own piece of garden to grow fruits and vegetables, the garden will be indoor and accessible to all.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –