ECOLOGY: Sprout, ​​the burgeoning pencil

Basil, tomatoes or forget-me-not are some of the colors of Sprout, the pencil that can be planted and that blossoms.

Abandoning a mechanical pencil in favor of a traditional HB that must be sharpened from time to time, does not seem to be compelling. However, the idea do it for a sprouting pencil begins to get interesting. Made up of cedar and a biodegradable capsule filled with seeds, Sprout is 100% non-toxic and sustainable. It is the super-eco pencil that everyone dreams of having on the desk.

This project has already convinced the world and thousands of internet users have contributed to its realization through the participatory funding platform, Kickstarter. Since then, Sprout has been named the "World’s Most Ecofriendly Product of 2013" by the IGC Global Procurement Promotional Organization. It can be used to introduce children to recycling, become a promotional support or a gift, thanks to its customization, or simply an eco-friendly and playful gadget.

After writing, sharpening, scribbling and sharpening again... Sprout, can be planted with the mine upwards. Once in the soil, the capsule degrades and releases the seeds. In a pot regularly watered and exposed to light, the first buds appear after a few weeks. Basil, dill, coriander, mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, green pepper, cherry tomato, marigold and forget-me-not, all that is left is choosing your own plant.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –