SLIDES: Luxury, calm and delight in the most beautiful private gardens

These gardens have been selected among the seaside properties found on, truly a visual delight.

1/ A lawn cut with precision, palm trees and a private dock on the Coral Gables canal, the garden of this luxurious waterfront villa in Miami is the ideal place for sunbathing.

2/ What if the real thing was reading a good book, seated on a bench in a beautiful Andalusian property, in the shade of the chestnut trees.

3/ The sunset, brushing the landscaped garden in this property in the Valencia municipality, in Spain, outlines the sculpted shape of this nicely pruned forest.

4/ This Spanish garden is like the city where it is situated, Palma de Mallorca, colourful and inviting.

5/ Greensward, pond, statues… This dreamlike landscaped park is the setting of a splendid mansion in Charente-Maritime.

6/ A few furlongs from the ocean, in the heart of the Basque Country, this 3 acres park seems to stop at the base of the Rhune.

7/ In the sun of the Algarve, “a life between the waves and the sky” in Aldeamento Quinta do Lago and specially to bask facing the green landscape.

8/ In order to live like a prince, experience the beauty of nature seated under a tree… You just need to go to Saint-Malo and find this Malouinière which is still looking for an owner.

Translated by Sylvain Muller -