Mer et Demeures: Immobilien mit Meerblick und Meerblick zum Verkauf und saisonal für saisonale Vermietungen auf
Finden Sie alle Immobilienangebote mit Meerblick zum Verkauf, sowie Prestige-Immobilien zum Mieten, hochwertige Apartments mit Meerblick für saisonale Vermietungen, Häuser und luxuriöse Villen direkt am Strand.
Internationale Immobilienportal, mit Meerblick, direkt am Wasser oder in Strandnähe

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Mer et Demeures, on the seashores of the World



"" is an international real estate website that exclusively advertises coastal properties up to 20 km from the sea, both for sale and seasonal rentals.

The simple and effective search engine, gives the user the chance to find international or national coastal real estate properties as well as local, thanks to its explicit filters:


Custom-made tools for professional and private advertisers



"" is an international showcase intended for professional or private advertisers who want to publish their real estate listings or promote their services.

The main goal of the website is to provide its customers with worldwide, national and local exposure. Users and partners can access the website in the language of their country.

For this reason, " " enjoys a positioning able to guarantee a privileged position on the web to all its members.

To ensure maximum visibility, Mer et Demeures offers a range of products to suit all needs:


 Singles ads at unit cost, publishable on the website "".

 Subscription to advertise the entire portfolio of real estate listings.

 Advertising space on the web, dedicated to the activities and products of advertisers.

 Presence on the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram.








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