GETAWAY: A journey to Hawaiian lands

Native land of Barack Obama, Hawaii is also famous for its nature reserves, its beaches, its volcanoes and the Surf.

Hawaii, Garden of Eden of surfers from around the world, is truly heaven on Earth. This Pacific archipelago is the exotic touch of the United States between nature and tradition.

The last American state remains untouched thanks to the Haleakalā national park in Maui, the volcano national park and the National Marine Monument of the North-western Hawaiian islands. The latter covers 36 millions hectares and provides shelter for 7000 animal species. In this enclave, seals and green sea turtles live quite freely.

If the beach of Hanalei Bay –Kauai- and Laniakea –Oahu- with its sea turtles are travellers most wanted, surfers come here especially for Jaws. The terrifyingly named breaker wave from Peahi beach -Maui- can reach 25 meters high without scaring off the most dauntless surfers.

In Hawaii, all you need is choosing an island and the rest follows naturally. On the programme: walk along the beautiful beaches of Maui; scuba diving; a tour of the capital city, Honolulu, steeped in Asian culture; sipping a cocktail while watching a Hula show; and finally relaxation on the seashore while listening to ukulele tunes.

Translated by S. Muller –

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