GETAWAY: Hermanus, ode to the whale

Beaches and cliffs, wildlife and fishing harbor, Hermanus is the symbol of South Africa that has managed to preserve its rich landscape.

Although the city is known for its natural heritage, its international reputation is the result of a singular activity: the whale watching celebrated by the "The Hermanus Whale Festival" from 3 October to 6 October. The twelfth most beautiful observation point in the world, as designated by the World Worldlife Fund in 1992, enjoys an exceptional sea view that allows having a ringside seat to watch a majestic marine ballet.

Every year, in this western Cape seaside resort, the Franco-Austral Whales perform a captivating show. After beginning their migration journey in the Antarctic, they arrive in South Africa in July. The inhabitants of sea depths undertake this long journey to calve and mate before resuming their journey in November.

Simply choose one of these numerous vantage points along the coast to enjoy the parade of this grandiose cetacean. From the cliff edge to the beaches of Grotto and Voëlklip and from Windsor Bay to Walker Bay, the whole city awaits the parade of this protected and revered species. And even if, in respect of the animal, the observation must be silent and discreet, the most daring can approach the marine mammal in a kayak.

Stopping over at Hermanus is another way to visit South Africa. Exploring the depths in the company of big sharks or take flight at 20,000 leagues over the sea to discover the region paragliding... whatever the perspective is, Hermanus is going to dazzle you.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina–

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