SLIDES: On the way to the World’s most beautiful islands

The following destinations are among the most beautiful islands in the world and may give ideas to some of you.

1/ Beautiful beaches, tropical landscapes and mountains, rice fields and volcanic landforms... Bali in Indonesia is an unmissable destination that promises an unforgettable trip.

2/ The islands of French Polynesia offer an exceptional panorama, but Bora Bora, with its clear waters, waterfront bungalows and impressive marine life, remains the favourite of tourists.

3/ Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Swedish island of Öland has a preserved Baltic landscape dotted with windmills.

4/ In the southwestern Philippines, the tropical landscapes of Palawan Island seem to be suspended. On land as well as underwater, discover this perpetual spectacle by fins, boat or motorcycle.

5/ Vancouver Island in Canada offers a wide range of activities and stunning wild landscapes in both summer and winter. Here you can observe killer whales, fish for salmon and walk among millenary trees.

6/ Kauai - Hawaii - is the favourite playground of American filmmakers like Spielberg and this is not surprising. Its multicoloured, tropical and wild relief also contains Mount Waialealeale, perhaps the wettest place in the world.

7/ If Bermuda is known for its triangle, the archipelago also offers many opportunities for activities ranging from diving to hiking and relaxing on its pink sandy beaches.

8/ Surrounded by the Coral Reef, Whitsundays' 74 Australian islands are renowned for their white sandy beaches interspersed with crystal-clear waters.