ECOLOGY: Phyto-Purification, a jungle in the bathroom

What if you could re-use the same water to shower in a hygienic and totally natural way? Some designers have found the solution in a phyto-purifying shower.

Reeds and water flowers will probably populate the bathroom of the future. Because water, plants and sand are potentially all that is needed to operate the ultra-ecological bathroom suites. This super-green idea, conceptualized in a shower with elegant lines, was born from the imagination of four designers, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse, Vincent Vandenbrouck and Jun Yasumoto.

Their phyto-purifying shower reproduces a mini-ecosystem that benefits from its natural functioning. In this small aquatic jungle, consisting of rushes, reeds, floating water hyacinth and lemnas, the water nourishes the plants that in turn purify it. The process is quite simple: the vegetation planted in the sand houses a colony of bacteria that transforms the impurities contained in the water in plant nutrients. Finally, a carbon filter eliminates all the possible trace of toxic residues before the water is reused.

This concept of ecological shower proves that incorporating the principle of natural filtration in everyday objects is not a utopia. Whether this invention will be marketed in the near future or not, nothing prevents us from dreaming that one day we could be able to take a shower in an exotic jungle, without leaving your waterfront home.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina –