DESIGN: Artisanopolis, a modular city on water

Artisanopolis, Roark 3D’s tantalising floating city, is an invitation to get your feet wet and be on cloud nine.

Designed by Gabriel Sheare, Luke & Lourdes Crowley, and Patrick White (Roark 3D), Artisanopolis the city on water won the Seasteading Institude competition in the spring of 2015. The city consists of movable floating platforms that can be towed as necessary. A glimpse into our future: seaside houses latching onto each other as the city grows. In Artisanopolis, you will be at one with nature and enjoy the sea view wherever you are.

In order to protect the city from the vagaries of the weather, a breakwater system surrounds the facility. Artisanopolis generates its own electricity with photovoltaic panels and wave energy converters. With an aquaponics system for nutrition, desalinisation for drinking water, and recycled and composted wastes, Artisanopolis is a sustainable city.

This project is in keeping with the Seastanding Institute’s wish to offer an autonomous living space, environmentally friendly and able to meet future’s requirements. This approach aims at experimenting with a new form of government within a floating city in order to inspire, in the long run, a worldwide change.

Nations-cities, self-administered islands… In 2009, the Seastanding Institude first contest gave the opportunity to discover projects such as Emerson Stepp’s sea Oasis or Marko Järvela’s SESU Seastead. Since then, on every occasion, architects and designers surpass themselves to offer floating cities even more beautiful and reliable.

Translated by Sylvain Muller –