SLIDES: Architecture and renovation, the most beautiful creations

Architectural conversion is a beautiful alternative to the abandonment of buildings that have made the history of a city. Here are some restructurings that make you want to recycle houses and buildings.

1/ Thanks to the architects Kosta Zouvelos and Kassiani Theodorakakou, this former Greek defensive tower is now Tainaron Blu retreat, a guest house with a spectacular sea view.

2/ The architects of Evolution Design have done a superb job in renovating this chapel in Forest-in-Teesdale, England. The historic building enjoys a second life as a charming residence with a contemporary interior.

3/ In two years, Ricardo Bofill has transformed this old Barcelona cement plant into a 3000 m² property. In addition to residing there, the Spanish architect has also set up his company's headquarters there.

4/ In San Francisco it is possible to live in an old church, converted into a wealthy house. The building, built in 1903, has become a luxury villa with master bedrooms, a library and a media room.

5/ In the south-east of Amsterdam, CASA Architecten and Standard Studio have created 10 apartments with a contemporary design within the walls of a school from the beginning of the last century.

6/ With the help of his colleague Lluis Corbella, the architect Marc Mazeres transformed an old dairy in Barcelona into a house combining wood, stone, glass and metal.

7/ SHSH Architecture + scenography has rehabilitated a storage warehouse in Brussels by taking inspiration from the ocean to design the spaces. The place is now a contemporary and minimalist one-storey loft, punctuated by islands of life.

8/ The designers of MJA Studio announced another spectacular and unusual conversion with the Subi Surf Park project. The aim is to transform the "Subiaco Oval" (Perth's football stadium in Australia) into a giant wave pool dedicated to surfing.