SLIDES: The World’s most beautiful wine cellars

The end of harvest is an opportunity to return to wine cellars that have the power to make you dream and that contain some of the most beautiful treasures in the world.

1/ Chateau Galatea in Napa Valley - California - was built in the image of the Loire castles. It is therefore normal that his private cellar is so sumptuous.

2/ Registered in the Guinness Book of Records, Milestii Mici in Moldova can be travelled by car to discover its 50 kilometres of galleries.

3/ In Kent, USA, there is a sumptuous residence for sale with an equally incredible private cellar. Simplicity and beautiful bottles are combined for the happiness of lovers of good wines.

4/ The reputation of the Coburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, is well established. Among its many assets, it is impossible to ignore the palace's six wine cellars, including the Cave de France.

5/ Somewhere in the Hamptons, in a prestigious sea view property on the American Atlantic coast, a basement looks like a select dressing room to host the best wines in the world.

6/ With its pink ceiling and shiny floor, this cellar around New York seems to come out of a fairy tale

7/ This Led cellar in Nashville, Tennessee, with its Gothic arches and electric blue, offers a glimpse of almost 2000 bottles thanks to its glass roof.

8/ Cantina Petra, in Tuscany, was born from the imagination of the architect Mario Botta. The property of the Terra Moretti group is one of the most prestigious wine cellars in Italy.