ARCHI: Arkup, the house of the future evolves on the water

Imagine a luxury livable yacht, autonomous, ecological, which can be camped above the water and can be moved at leisure. Discover this innovative project while waiting for the release of the first Arkup villa at the end of 2018.

Can a floating house be an appropriate response to issues such as rising seas and urban growth? This reflection is at the origin of the creation of Arkup, a company founded by Nicolas Derouin and Arnaud Luguet, two French engineers based in Miami.

Arkup offers a new form of housing, a livable yacht completely autonomous, ecological, which can move like houseboats and be lifted out of the water to preserve its occupants from the swell.

To carry out this project, Arkup's founders worked with the Dutch architect Koen Olthuis and no less than 20 specialists from 5 different countries. After more than 4500 hours of research and work, the villa Arkup was born. The result: a clever blend of technological innovation and contemporary design, a new kind of home, both a luxury yacht and a seaside villa.

On the house side, the villas of 400 sqm offer a 77 sqm living room, a fully equipped open kitchen, 4 suites with their bathroom, a state-of-the-art home automation system, a 77 sqm terrace with outdoor kitchen, a 12 sqm sunbathing area with lifting platform, a boat lift...

To go to sea, the villa-yacht is equipped with a maneuvering and monitoring system (MMS) and two azimuth electric thrusters of 136 hp each.

Among the equipment necessary for the good functioning of this habitable yacht: 214 sqm of solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system, purification systems, a waste management and 4 hydraulic piles of 12 meters.

The Arkup floating house is thus able to withstand a force 4 hurricane. It is perfectly suitable for navigation and parking on lakes, rivers, marinas and sea, up to 20 nautical miles from a port or shelter.

Enjoying the sea view, move away from the city and sail along the coasts of the world without ever leaving your house, this villa of the future is like a dream.

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