SLIDES: Nine hotels and unforgettable nights

Choosing a hotel is essential when it comes to prepare for a trip… But before to find the one, here are some of the most unusual hotels in the world.

1/ The Poseidon Undersea Resort proposes a memorable stay under the sea of Fiji. Shortly after entering his room on the surface, the traveller can access to the submarine part of the hotel.

2/ Seaventure is the perfect place for scuba diving enthusiasts. This old Australian offshore oil platform has been moved to Malaysia to be reconverted into a submarine exploration hub and a hotel a complex.

3/ The charm of yesteryears trains has always an effect. In South Africa, it is possible to sleep in carriages of the Santos Express, wedged near the beaches of Mossel Bay.

4/ The room of the Vuurtoren Harlingen rises above and stands in the Wadden Sea. This unusual hotel in the Netherlands offers its visitors to spend a night at the top of a crate in Harlingen.

5/ Exoticism and thrills meet up at the Ladera Resort of Saint Lucia. The breath-taking view of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons, from this hotel located on the mountainside, make this place an exceptional destination.

6/ The Lux Manor is located at the heart of Hong Kong and a stone’s throw from the ocean. The atmosphere is surrealistic with thematic rooms. With baroque suites, the "Dada" bar and an extravagant gourmet restaurant, this luxury hotel tickles your senses.

7/ For twenty years, the ice castle of Kemi in Finland welcomes stranger who are not afraid of the cold. The Snow Castle on the Lapland coasts is an attraction in its own right. Everything is carved in ice, from the slide to the beds including the furniture of the bar and the restaurant.

8/ In Bolivia, the Palacio de Sal emerges from a dry up sea. This unusual hotel in Salar de Uyuni is built entirely of salt and has 16 rooms furnished with objects also made of this mineral.

9/ The Commercial Space Station project plans to offer "View Earth" room by 2016. The space hotel of private company Orbital Technologies will be able to welcome budding astronauts for five days. One million of dollars will be needed to enjoy the trip and the accommodation in this especial hotel complex.

Translated by S. Muller -