The Belles of the past, muses for Cobé’s art

Corinne Bessonnat, known as Cobé, is a charming Ufo in the Automobile Painting. Under her brush, the cars are coloured with feminine sensitivity and put on a nice vintage dress.

Acrylic paint on linen canvas, many colours and a retro spirit, all put under the spotlight the American fifties ... Corinne Bessonnat makes the vintage cars that cross her path immortal. Creative Art and colourful palettes have always attracted the painter, listed by Drouot Cotation. Although she did not grow up among the Dinky ™ toys, Corinne Bessonnat discovered a particular affection for old cars, which is expressed through her paintings.

Cobé, who has fun with colours and plays with forms, has honed her technique by professionals like the frescoist Jean-Claude Misset and renowned schools such as Decors du Patrimoine in Avignon or Compagnons du Devoir in Lyon. Since then, she never leaves her brushes and blossoms as she paints "The Belles of the past" with her feminine sensitivity. This passion has become a choice of life, that she shares daily hosting painting classes.

"Your car is a gem that I put in a treasure chest, because the Vintage suits it so well" is the slogan of this passionate artist. Corinne Bessonnat makes your vehicles eternal on demand through photos or during auto shows that she usually attends, there where her passion for the Americans of the 50s was born. And for each of her unique works, she issues a certificate of authenticity. The artist will be present at the salons Automédon 2015 and Epoqu'auto 2015 in the second half of the year; the fair Rétro Auto Forum Fréjus on 30th and 31st May and in 2016 at the Retromobile in Paris, brushes in hand.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (April 2015).

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