Colours of a welcoming nature by Anne-Marie Rocca Serra

Corsican by birth, Anne-Marie Rocca Serra colours and paints her native island as well as the world, since childhood.

Semi-figurative painting of Anne-Marie Rocca Serra explores sea, landscapes and still lives. The artist, listed by Drouot Cotation and Akoun, also likes to capture scenes of life or characters which in a brushstroke, animate her paintings.

Anne-Marie Rocca Serra takes her inspiration from Corsican landscapes as well as exotic countries. "I commit to show through the theme of light, poetry, hope, passion and memory the harmony of colours that can be found in the many landscapes that surround us," she confides. Her paintings materialize a constant search of light and colour, a heat that must soften hearts. "The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye": every time she takes down the brushes, she likes to remember these words of Eugène Delacroix.

Self-taught and gifted with a nice sensitivity, Anne-Marie Rocca Serra plays with the reflections to plunge into the abstract and give life to her dreams. Her work has traveled from salons to galleries and from towns to cities including Paris, Cannes, Calvi or Brussels and Bruges. The artist resident at the Galerie Athena in Bastia was rewarded several times for the quality of her work, winning among others the Great Gold Medal of the Salon International de Prestige de Cannes 2012. Painter by profession and passionate about colours, Anne-Marie Rocca Serra exhibits and offers her paintings as an invitation to enter into her dream world.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (April 2015).

Galerie Athéna
4, Av Maréchal Sébastiani
20200 Bastia.
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Cotation Drouot and Akoun.