Jean-Charles Fabre, the poetic dimension of wall decoration

Jean-Charles Fabre, painter and architect DPLG, has been conceiving and realizing wall decorations in trompe-l'oeil for more than fifteen years.

Fond of drawing and painting, he ranked first at IPEDEC, the Higher Institute of Decorative Painting in Paris, in 1998. With various sources of inspiration, he draws on ancient references or nature, according to the will of the customer. Roman frescoes inspired by Pompeii or classic architecture, landscapes, perspectives, draperies, characters ... Jean-Charles Fabre creates poetic and refined spaces.

He develops his projects with architects, decorators or directly with the customer, from private sellers to traders passing also by companies and local authorities. As an architect and an artist, he realizes every paintings considering the constraints of brightness, harmonization of volumes, perspectives and effects to highlight. Playing with pigments, lime or casein, Jean-Charles Fabre is skilful with his paintbrush and always favours the techniques free from toxic elements.

Each time, the research on light, the effects of matter and the realism of the treated issues are central to the need of his work. He particularly appreciates the trompe-l’oeil, which changing the perception of the volumes, allows harmonizing them and he does not hesitate to apply it on easel canvas.

From still life to frescoes that are perfect to coat a poolside and warm up a terrace or a facade, Jean-Charles Fabre is a master in creating original and unique environments.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (July 2015).

Jean-Charles FABRE – artiste peintre en décors
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