Marie-Blanche Giannorsi, life on canvas

Marie-Blanche Giannorsi, whose works are currently exhibited in various galleries, works on the difference. For this artist from the South of France, Art is obvious.

Her creativity results from a physical characteristic that makes it unique, a birthmark that draws the eye and makes her proud. If portraits are an important part of her work, it is because the imagination of the artist is populated from the bodies and from the glances she bumped into in her everyday life. That is why she always begins by painting the eyes first, and then outlining the whole face.

Her sources of inspiration are many, just like her artistic production. Fascinated by Pablo Picasso, Marie-Blanche Giannorsi admits without fear that she loves the man and symbolism of its paintings, from colors to shapes and their asymmetrical balance. From Francis Bacon, she draws the atmosphere of a madness that is frightening and attractive at the same time, in a word: perturbing. Among its referents, the great Modigliani with its enigmatic women, Klimt and Basquiat.

When the music resonates in her studio, Marie-Blanche Giannorsi gets to work under the benevolent eye of her cat. For this artist, voted to the constant pursuit of perfection, the act of letting go one of her paintings is a fulfillment, a magnificent reward.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (November 2014).


Marie-Blanche Giannorsi 
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