Papillon and the sensitive Art of the intuitive painting

Some colours and a variety of materials at the service of well-being, Papillon transforms the instant in art.

Epicurean soul, Marie-France Ros lives the moment intensely before immortalizing it on canvas, which she signs as Papillon. Using warm colours or the cold shades of an icy winter, the artist expresses both the lightness of an otherworldliness spring and the depth of a pensive look.

Made strong from life and from the years passed exercising the art therapy in the hospital, Papillon has gained a deep sense of sharing, a special sensitivity. Art is her relief valve; the intuitive painting is a source of well-being, from its creation to its realization. Grateful towards her relatives and friends, that inspire and encourage her, Papillon is committed to communicate her art.

She expresses the emotion on her canvases through vivid colours. She draws the strength and depth of the gesture from Mother Nature. Papillon confirms that art allows individuals to reveal themselves, to develop a personal and introspective language.

In her travels, her exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy and elsewhere, Papillon finds the inspiration in the moment. The artist, listed on Drouot, paints in situ during public or private events, always driven by intuition.

Translated by Dafne Inzaina – (July 2015).

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