ARCHI: WaterNest 100, the floating house by Giancarlo Zema

With his new creation, the Italian architect-designer Giancarlo Zema revisits the ecological habitat and imagines a floating haven of peace.

Famous for his aquatic projects including the Jelly-Fish 45 or the restaurant on the water Nymphea 15 (designed in 2004), the architect Giancarlo Zema has once again distinguished himself with the WaterNest 100. Even more than a waterfront house, Waternest 100 is a house on the water.

Created for the English company EcoFloLife, the WaterNest 100 is an ecological bubble 12 meters in diameter by 4 meters high ceiling, made of recycled wood and aluminium. This eco- friendly house is equipped with a wastewater treatment and filtration system as well as a micro-ventilation system. Its 60 sqm of solar panels generate 4 kWp of electricity to power all rooms including the living room, the dining room, a bedroom and a kitchen. Ideal for living in harmony with nature, the WaterNest 100 is a low-energy, almost self-contained building.

Designed to park on the water, it can be installed along a river, on a lake and even on a maritime zone, if the latter is calm. The house offers a living area of 100 sqm and pleasant balconies to enjoy the sea view.

The WaterNest 100 is a real all comfort home fully equipped with a quality home automation system. The project has been designed to adapt to all needs. Thus the interior space is modular and can accommodate any type of activity: restaurant, bar or office, it is according to the customer's wishes. This super-ecological house with its elegant design is already available for sale, all that remains is to find its own water body.

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